Press Release – Xhockware


Porto, July 24, 2020

Xhockware announces today the launch of SmartCheckout Touchless, the self-service technology that allows Consumers to leave the store with their goods, without having to touch any checkout or payment devices used by other customers.

The preference recently expressed by 87% of American consumers, for stores with touchless and self-service systems, shows a natural reaction to the constraints posed by the pandemic. Not having to touch something that is touched by other people has become a priority, not only for consumers but also for store staff.

SmartCheckout Touchless allows the use of self-service checkout systems without the need to touch the store’s keyboards or touch screens, replacing these traditional interaction models by the smartphone, which thus controls the operation, eliminating all physical contact with the store systems. This technology is immediately accessible in all Xhockware self-service solutions and will also be available for integration with other manufacturers’ solutions.

João Carvalho
+351 968 045 019