Using SmartCheckout technology, Consumers will benefit from a consistent UI/UX at your Stores

SmartCheckout its a “robotized operator” that sits between the POS and the User, helping the Consumer (UI/UX) along the Basket creation and all activities required to perform his purchase, whether these take place on a smart phone, a self-checkout or any other device.

Facilitates Faster & easier adoption by your Customers, of new “customer journeys”

Brings consistency to the Customer UI/UX

Speeds the adoption of any form of new interaction between your POS system and your Costumer

Focuses on the Customer Journey



Seamless Integration with your POS system(s) using SmartCheckout technology

Legacy point of sale integration

Experience shows this to be one of the most valued attributes of SmartCheckout: Its ability to quickly integrate with your POS SW and make POS transaction available to all forms of interactions with your Customer.
This translates into fast adoption of new customer journeys including self-checkout, mobile POS, self-scanning, Separate scan & pay, etc. Whatever the device, whatever the journey.

Quick to trial

Smartcheckout its quick to test & implement: give us 2 to 4 weeks and its ready to go

Change Fast

Seamless integration with
your POS system

Quick to trial & deploy

Fast & easy adoption of new
"customer journeys"

Consistent UI/UX

Change NOW