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Xhockware is a Retail tech company focused on creating innovative retail solutions.

We have as a mission, to help retailers across the world to provide a futuristic and enticing shopping journey by digitizing their customer’s shopping experience.

We solve current pains and eliminate frictions, while also creating a direct communication channel between retailer and shopper through YouBeep and SmartCheckout suite solutions.

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We are a Retail Tech company that has a heart for creating "out of the box" retail solutions.
Our goal is to create the most enticing shopping experience possible, by removing any and all frictions currently existing in brick & mortar retail.

We are the answer to retailers as well as shoppers' desires.

There's value to be created in effectively
reducing checkout time.


Shorter perceived waiting time improve service experience, customer loyalty and potentially increase market share.
The main aspect our product address and that we believe are big opportunities, are the customer’s growing demand for better value and service from retailers, and the growing need from retailers to keep prices low and provide better service, while cutting costs and investment. Competing on price and product only is not enough, the future of differentiation in retail is all about:
the Shopping Experience!

There are untapped opportunities when it comes to digitizing the customer journey, even on a, store level, operational cost reduction.

"Now with the worldwide adoption of smartphones, our cloud based smart self-checkout technologies and the integrated features of our App we can finally address all of those critical success factors."


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