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WELCOME TO THE TOUCHLESS STORE Porto, July 24, 2020 Xhockware announces today the launch of SmartCheckout Touchless, the self-service technology that allows Consumers to leave the store with their goods, without having to touch any checkout or payment devices used by other customers. The preference recently expressed by 87% of

RETAIL in the Post-COVID Era: new consumers, new competition

What happened during the crisis is about to become history. Sales losses have been mostly contextual: most stores simply were closed and, with very few exceptions, mobility restrictions imposed by the quarantine made it impossible for people to leave their homes and shop.Therefore, I strongly believe that the significant increase

Xhockware and S&T sign Distribution agreement for the Polish market

Effective after May 2020, Xhockware and S&T Poland signed a partnership contract for the distribution of Xhockware’s Portfolio for Retail in the Polish territory. Focused on the digitalization of the in-store Customer journey, our activities will be centered on our SmartCheckout platform, the robotized operator that nearly eliminates integration times

XHOCKWARE at Euroshop 2020

Once again, we headed to Duesseldorf for another edition of Euroshop. Following the intensive developments introduced to our self-services and mobility portfolio solutions during 2019, I was very curious to understand how our industry peers were preparing for the coming years and the intensive competition ahead. So this is a

Xhockware in the 1st edition of FoundersTV

The new project is called “FoundersTV” and is an initiative supported by the Porto City Council and Scale Up Porto. Its mission is to promote entrepreneurs and their stories, so that the youngest can be inspired by those who are close. The Founders Founders entrepreneur community launched on July 12,

Winners of the 23rd edition of the Luso-French Trophies 2016

The 23rd edition of the Luso-French Trophies 2016, organized by the Luso-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, had an additional 15% of entries compared to the previous one, with the selection of nominees carried out by an independent jury, composed of representatives from AICEP , IAPMEI, Foreign Trade Advisers, entrepreneurs,

Road 2 Web Summit

We were one of 66 start-ups chosen by a panel of juries to represent Portugal at the Web Summit 2016 event that takes place from 7 to 10 November in Lisbon. Read the full article at: Observador – Road 2 Web SummitWeb SummitWeb Summit Facebook

Turnkey solution for a connected, self-shopping experience

‘YouBeep is the first mobile checkout solution to be made available to all retailers, instead of a custom product that needs to be highly modified to meet the requirements of each retailer’s existing equipment, requiring extensive development,’ explains João Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of Xhockware… Read the full article at:

YouBeep: how to speed up a shopping trip

Xhockware has developed a mobile application that allows you to speed up your shopping trip. But the “secret” is not in the application but in a piece of hardware that allows communication between “smartphones” and box software … Read the full article at: Jornal de Negócios news

YouBeep. An app to end queues

When was the last time you had fun while waiting to be attended? If the reader is like me, the last thing he will want to face is that long queue that has already become a hallmark of retail chains around the world … Read the full article at: telemó

YouBeep – changing your shopping experience

XHOCKWARE is a startup company focused in developing innovative retail solutions, whose goal is to solve the most common complaints about grocery/supermarket shopping in a natural way, increasing the quality of the experience for consumers and alllowing retailers to save money… Read the full article at: The Tech Sense interview