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Xhockware is a company focused on developing innovative retail solutions.
We want to change the way people shop worldwide through mobile technologies, bringing the online convenience to the physical store.
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The first APP that lets you manage your entire shopping process
We want to change your shopping experience into something more fun, personalized and convenient, combining the power of the physical store with the flexibility of mobile
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Posted on 2015-09-24
Con YouBeep scansione e checkout si fanno con un’App
Tra i tanti sistemi di check-out spedito alle casse, ci è sembrata interessante questo proposto da una start-up portoghese, YouBeep, adottato in Portogallo dalle insegne Lidl e Pongo Doce...
Posted on 2015-09-21
Turnkey solution for a connected, self-shopping experience
‘YouBeep is the first mobile checkout solution to be made available to all retailers, instead of a custom product that needs to be highly modified to meet the requirements of each retailer’s existing equipment, requiring extensive development,’ explains João Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of Xhockware...
Posted on 2015-09-04
YouBeep: como acelerar uma ida às compras
A Xhockware desenvolveu uma aplicação móvel que permite acelerar uma ida às compras. Mas o "segredo" não está na aplicação mas numa peça de hardware que permite a comunicação entre "smartphones" e software de caixa...
Posted on 2015-08-13
Chama-se YouBeep e já se encontra a ser testada em lojas nas zonas de Cascais, Lisboa, Porto e Torres Vedras.
A YouBeep é uma aplicação desenvolvida pela Xhockware, uma jovem startup do Porto que se especializa em tecnologia de retalho. Segundo a empresa, que actualmente tem a sua tecnologia implementada em 5 lojas portuguesas, esta solução permite reduzir o tempo de checkout dos consumidores em 50%...
Posted on 2015-08-12
YouBeep. Uma app para acabar com as filas de espera
Quando é que foi a última vez que se divertiu enquanto esperava para ser atendido? Se o leitor for como eu, a última coisa que vai querer enfrentar será aquela longa fila de espera que já se tornou numa imagem de marca das cadeias de retalho de todo o mundo...
Posted on 2015-07-14
YouBeep - changing your shopping experience
XHOCKWARE is a startup company focused in developing innovative retail solutions, whose goal is to solve the most common complaints about grocery/supermarket shopping in a natural way, increasing the quality of the experience for consumers and alllowing retailers to save money...
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We are a company whose main focus is on creating innovative retail solutions.
Our goal is to solve the most common complaints about grocery/supermarket shopping in a natural way, bettering the shopping experience for consumers and saving money to retailers.

There is money to be saved in effectively reducing checkout time.
Shorter perceived waiting times improve service experience, customer loyalty and potentially increase market share.
The main aspects our product addresses and that we believe are big opportunities, are the customer's growing demand for better value and service from retailers, and the growing need from retailers to keep prices low and provide better service, while cutting costs and investment.
This last decade, retailers have answered this demand by implementing self-checkout systems, making huge investments on loyalty programs and discounts, aiming to make customers happy, but also trying to cut costs on HR.
Now with the worldwide massification of smartphones, through our cloud based checkout technology and the integrated features of our app we are able to provide all retailers with a better way to solve these key problems.

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