Portugal Ventures bets on four new technological start-ups

The public venture capital operator will invest in four new technology-based start-ups: Chic by Choice, Liquid, Passworks and Xhockware. This support will be granted in partnership with other investors. Portugal Ventures will support four new technology-based start-ups, following the Call For Entrepreneurship initiative. According to the statement by the public venture capital operator, these start-ups are: Chic by Choice – a “new international luxury dress rental marketplace” -, Liquid, a self-service platform in the cloud that allows for publishers to customize their apps in real time, Passworks, which is a self-service solution in the cloud that allows brands and retailers to create mobile wallet marketing campaigns. And finally, Xhockware, which is dedicated to solutions for the retail sector. These investments by Portugal Ventures, which take place within the scope of Call For Entrepreneurship, and are carried out in partnership with other entities. “Faber Ventures co-invested with Portugal Ventures in Chic by Choice, Liquid and Passworks. PNV Capital co-invested with Portugal Ventures in Xhockware”, explains the public operator in a statement. Portugal Ventures, within the scope of these Call For Entrepreneurship, has already invested in about three dozen start-ups.

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