Portugal Ventures invests in 4 new tech-based start-ups

Chic by Choice, Liquid, Passworks and Xhockware are the new tech-based and innovative start-ups selected, in the Call For Entrepreneurship initiative, for funding from Portugal Ventures. Through this initiative, Portugal Ventures has already invested in approximately 30 start-up companies with the ambition to become companies of excellence on the global market. The seventh edition of the Call is now open and project submissions will run until 29th May, 2014. Xhockware (www.xhockware.com) is focused on creating innovative retail solutions. Its debut product is a new mobile shopping concept that will change the way people do their shopping in a retail store, allowing shoppers to checkout a full shopping cart, pay and leave the store in under a minute, while assuring the retailer protection against theft. The system is compatible with the retailers checkout systems, independent of brand or technology, and available to any shopper with a smartphone. Currently in the final phase of product development, Xhockware is working closely with one of the major retailers in Portugal. The company expects to make its technology available to the public in a few weeks. International sales are expected to start before the year’s end, targeting the major European Retailers. “Nowadays, smartphones are changing the way we shop. Xhockware’s technology provides an exclusive communication channel to every shopper, allowing for tailored shopping experiences and valued perceived rewards or savings.” said João Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of Xhockware. These investments were realised with other investors who share the same investment goals and ambitions as Portugal Ventures. PNV Capital co-invested with Portugal Ventures in Xhockware.

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