SCO Range

Small footprint and design flexibility in an infinite range of configurations adjustable to your business specifics at an unbeatable price

Fast Cash
Designed for discount stores and supermarkets, where transaction is below 20 euro, it offers coin and note payments in Self-service at the lowest cost in the industry.

Cash Flow
An evolution of the Fast Cash model that offers full-recycling for notes and coins.

Power Cash
For higher demand environments, this model offers full cash handling capabilities with the highest performance.


Cash BOX

All our cash configurations are available in cashbox format. This allows you to redesign your operational Checkout area with endless design possibilities. We work with you on proportions, materials, consumer flow and all other variables that allow you to shape the consumer area, in order to achieve your goals, and make your project unique.

As with the SCO range, the cash box is available in all payment options:

Fast Cash
Cash Flow
Power Cash



As an option, RFID baskets are readily available for all models in our range. If your operation allows the adoption of RFID, the benefits of the technology can be part of your solution with no technical hassle.


Weight control

Our SHELFN technology allowed us the possibility of adopting a much more simple and precise approach to weight control, as a complement to the functional flow of our UI/UX. In essence, this brings two benefits which are highly relevant to these operational environments:

Security and fraud prevention – this is an industry classic: we compare the scanned item weight to the stored average weight for that item and raise an alert in case of mismatch.

Help the consumer – by detecting out-of-sequence weight variation, we may signalize an operation error and guide the Consumer to the correct operation sequence in the Self-operated environment. Most of the inconsistencies are not related with Consumers performing fraudulent actions, but only the result of immature knowledge in system operation. Your Customers will appreciate the help.


Our systems are designed for easy upgrade Together with thoughtful material choices, we minimize raw material use over time and extend your product’s useful life.

Designing sustainably means getting the most out of the resources (materials and energy) that go into your product. This design Philosophy also allows us to achieve an unrivaled low cost.

Our shipment volumes are 15% or less of normal SCO systems. This certainly has a huge impact on cost but because less packaging is required, and larger quantities can be transported, we also use less fuel, reducing emissions.

...all your
self-services projects become possible.​