The problem!

On-shelf availability has a serious impact on turnover, reputation and Customer loyalty.

Losses from on-shelf availability reach around $634 bilion per year (according to IHL).

Eliminating out-of-stock brings a positive bottom-line impact of 0.75% over the annual revenue, or 7,5M for 1B of revenue. To put it in context, this metric translates into a massive 225M opportunity for a 30B Retailer. Do your math…

Grocery retail operates at out-of-stocks sometimes +8%.

Not all out-of-stock are substituted by Consumers in -36% of the occasions, this leads to abandoned sales and losses to competition.

Customer satisfaction and reputation are severely impacted.

The time to “do-nothing” it’s over. Now, we have SHELFN

How it works

Shelfn is based on an loT solution for sensorising shelves and an advanced AI based decision engine that identifies on-self stock movements.

Shelfn turns existing shelves into smart shelves, by adding advanced load sensors that can determine in real-time, with high accuracy, which products were picked from the shelf or returned to the shelf. A Cloud based AI engine determines which actions to take base on incoming data feeds.

All processing is done in real-time.

Shelfn technology can be retro-fitted to all existing Gondola and Rack based shelves, with no need to substitute the existing store infrastructure.


Be in control

turns your
into smart