With YouBeep, scanning and checkout are done with an App

Among the many check-out systems sent to the checkouts, this proposed by a Portuguese start-up, YouBeep, adopted in Portugal by the Lidl and Pongo Doce brands, seemed interesting …

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Turnkey solution for a connected, self-shopping experience

‘YouBeep is the first mobile checkout solution to be made available to all retailers, instead of a custom product that needs to be highly modified to meet the requirements of each retailer’s existing equipment, requiring extensive development,’ explains João Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of Xhockware…

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YouBeep: how to speed up a shopping trip

Xhockware has developed a mobile application that allows you to speed up your shopping trip. But the “secret” is not in the application but in a piece of hardware that allows communication between “smartphones” and box software …

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