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Porto, July 24, 2020

Xhockware announces today the launch of SmartCheckout Touchless, the self-service technology that allows Consumers to leave the store with their goods, without having to touch any checkout or payment devices used by other customers.

The preference recently expressed by 87% of American consumers, for stores with touchless and self-service systems, shows a natural reaction to the constraints posed by the pandemic. Not having to touch something that is touched by other people has become a priority, not only for consumers but also for store staff.

SmartCheckout Touchless allows the use of self-service checkout systems without the need to touch the store’s keyboards or touch screens, replacing these traditional interaction models by the smartphone, which thus controls the operation, eliminating all physical contact with the store systems. This technology is immediately accessible in all Xhockware self-service solutions and will also be available for integration with other manufacturers’ solutions.

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RETAIL in the Post-COVID Era: new consumers, new competition

What happened during the crisis is about to become history. Sales losses have been mostly contextual: most stores simply were closed and, with very few exceptions, mobility restrictions imposed by the quarantine made it impossible for people to leave their homes and shop.
Therefore, I strongly believe that the significant increase in online sales in the last three to four months was primarily due to these contextual reasons, and although significant changes are coming to the industry, I don’t think this is the most significant of them. It’s reasonable to admit that the trends already seen before the pandemic, with online capturing each year more new sales than B&M, may eventually accelerate its pace, especially in the first Post-Covid19 months, but much more will change. Many Retail specialists are expressing views that are consistent with my conviction on this subject. Eventually, others may have contrary visions. We will all have to wait for more data to be available in the coming months, to better understand the reach of this phenomenon. (…)

Text written by
João Carvalho

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Xhockware and S&T sign Distribution agreement for the Polish market

Effective after May 2020, Xhockware and S&T Poland signed a partnership contract for the distribution of Xhockware’s Portfolio for Retail in the Polish territory.
Focused on the digitalization of the in-store Customer journey, our activities will be centered on our SmartCheckout platform, the robotized operator that nearly eliminates integration times and cost, our app collection for consumers and store personnel, and as well our cash and cashless Self-services suite, offering Self-checkout and payment stations in scalable solutions to fit any operational scenario and budget.

XHOCKWARE at Euroshop 2020

Once again, we headed to Duesseldorf for another edition of Euroshop. Following the intensive developments introduced to our self-services and mobility portfolio solutions during 2019, I was very curious to understand how our industry peers were preparing for the coming years and the intensive competition ahead. So this is a quick review of the points worth sharing with you.

The first visible evolution is on design and ergonomics. There’s no doubt that this is the element where manufacturers have put the majority of their effort and we see noticeable progress over recent years. I found many examples of this but would highlight Suzohapp and the ”organic” integration of their cash devices over the checkout, merging looks and function in a flawless way and giving the retailer a very interesting mix of options where technology never imposes itself to the store environment. Of significance also, is the impressive gains in performance and range in what regards the automation cash handing. This is more impressive if we compare both the cost and performance of today, with just three years ago, making it a perfect example of the laws of technology evolution over each years.

However, these evolutions also show an almost exclusive focus on the “product”, and a large convergence of common formulas that bring to my mind the words of Peter Goldberger in his influential New York Times article on Retail entitled “The sameness of things”:

While everything may be better it’s also increasingly the same

I think the main players are lacking a digitally integrated vision and the ability to offer Retailers the power to think or re-think the Customer journey, the consumer and the store personnel in the first place. Online, mobile and traditional are merging, at least in the minds of consumers, but we don’t see this reality being a priority of the Retail IT industry, which continues seeing stores as an aggregate of technological compartments.

While this certainly brings some disappointment, it also reinforces my view that we, at Xhockware, are heading in the right direction.

 A final word to our Compagnons de route and partners from Italy, SN Systems, with whom we shared stand G.65, to Suzohapp and CPI, our partners for cash systems and S&T, our Distributor for Poland.

Text written by
João Carvalho